Look how far she’s come

Once a year, Children’s Hospital raises money for it’s uncompensated care fund.  The uncompensated care fund is used to provide free medical care for children whose families either have no insurance coverage or for those families whose medical expenses exceed what the program finds to be reasonable based on income level.  For the past three years Zoe has been the recipient of the uncompensated care fund.  They funded her initial heart surgery, they funded her transplant, every hospital stay she has ever had plus every medication she’s had to be on, plus every lab they have ever run, plus every blood transfusion, plus, plus, plus.  Without this fund I truly don’t know what our life would look like.  Zoe (and our family) draw significantly from this pool every year and I’d like to give back a little this year.  Actually, I’d like to give back a lot.  The organization running the fundraising campaign has made it very easy to raise money, track the contributions and allow people to give on a secure website.  The fundraising is mostly being done via a race held on August 15th (yes, this post is horribly belated) at the Redhook Ale Brewery in Woodinville.  There is a 10K race, a 5K race, a 5K walk and a Kid’s Dash.  The entry fee is $30 if you register online between now and August 12th or $35 on the day of the race.  Information regarding the race can be found here If you would like to participate in the race please register under the team Paul and I have created (Team Zoe).  During the registration process it will ask you if you want to be part of a team and all you have to do is type in Team Zoe. You’ll notice on the websites for the event they are telling the story of a little girl named Zoe but this is not our Zoe.

If you don’t wish to actually walk or run the event you can also give by going to our fundraising page

Please give to this fund.  As a general rule I don’t ask for money on this blog but once a year I do and wlll continue to do so in the future.  This program is so important to our family and to so many other families in a time when the state legislature has cut millions of dollars to the hospital.  Imagine needing this fund; imagine knowing that if you pay your child’s medical expenses you’ll lose your house; imagine your child being denied a transplant because you don’t have insurance or adequate insurance; imagine being told you must raise $1 million before your child can be put on the transplant list.  These things happen every day, these things will happen more without this fund.

Here’s a slideshow to show how far she’s come 


4 thoughts on “Look how far she’s come

  1. Libby says:

    It is so awesome to hear that something like this exists! You have my support Jen. And my prayers.

  2. Jeanie says:

    That is so cool to see from where she was and is now – so glad we can finally see it online as it did not work before for me. Jen, I think you have done such a fantastic job with Zoe and Noah with that very big extra burden many of us did not have with our wee children. Thanks for sharing. Jesus is so good.

  3. Mimi says:

    Wow!! It’s so true. I remember when we were going to try and go to Denver and they wanted us to pay the money first- I am sooo glad we live in WA. I don’t think there is another hospital that is as generous as Seattle Children’s.

    I loved the slide show- so sweet. The last picture doesn’t even look like her- it looks like a full blown kid. CRAZY! She looks so great.

  4. […] to the Children’s Hospital Uncompensated Care fund, which provides children who qualify – like my friend, Zoe – with free medical […]

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